Wednesday, August 18, 2010


omg guys! so i was at target and i saw this great train case(big, hard outsided makeup case) but it didn't have a price. so i went up to a worker and asked. she typed it in her little searchy thing, and had the price but just wanted to make sure it was right so she asked me to follow her to customer service. when we got there, 2 people were in line, but she waled to the other side so i followed. after paying for it($27-SCORE!) i was walking back to my mom and the cart(she was walking to the check out to pay for everything else) i passed a middle aged(eh, maybe 40-50s?) man, and he muttered "thanks for butting in front"!!!! so i was SO shocked that i didn't even say anything, i just turned around and gave him this suprised, dirty look and walked up to my mom. i was like "oh my god mom! that guy just said thanks for butting in line to me!" and she was like "oh my god ill be right back" so she yelled at him lol :) i dont know exactly what she said because i was in line at the checkout, but seriously?! like, your say, late 40s, early 50s and you're actually going to ridicule a 13 yr old. wow. grow up!

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